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We know too many dogs and cats are carrying around too much weight. As with people, being overweight is unhealthy. Excess fat means hearts could be strained, joints taxed, and blood sugar levels elevated. Pet diabetes is on the rise. We believe the reason is many pets are eating foods that are heavily processed and full of ingredients chosen for low price and storage benefits rather than for proper nutrition.





Hi, my name is Dan Stevenson. I am getting worried! My brother and I have been in the pet industry over twenty-five years and in that time I have seen an increase in fat pets getting sick. Just like us humans, dogs and cats are eating too much of the wrong foods and like me, and my gym avoiding friends, our pets are often not getting enough exercise. This leads not only to overweight issues but also to an increase in diabetes. In the past few years we have seen diabetes diagnoses in pets increase over 30% in dogs and over 15% in cats.

In the media these days are many stories about going back to basics in diet, cutting out a lot of high sugar foods and breads while eating more vegetables and meat. The media are calling these types of people diets “Paleo” in reference to early man and some call these diets “Grain-Free”. The idea is eating as our ancient ancestors ate, which sadly (for me) means cutting back on sweets and avoiding a number of foods from modern agriculture.

In pet food I believe the same issue is true, that we need to get back to a more basic diet and remove the ingredients that are leading to high blood sugar levels and spiking the diabetes issue. Scientists can measure how some foods cause a short-term rise in blood sugars, and these foods are typically labeled high in “Glycemic index”. Corn is much picked on as a grain that we all eat and has been a main ingredient in pet food. Grains like corn and wheat are part of the issue when trying to eat more “Paleo” as corn and wheat products often cause spikes in blood sugars. By choosing low GI foods for our pet foods we can slow down your pets digestion, keep your pet fuller longer and help us all move a step away from Fat Dogs (and Cats).

So here is what we did. Ten years ago we produced our first pet food. First, we took out all the high sugar, high GI carbs. That meant no corn, no wheat and just to be safe we said no grain. Next, we leaned on peas and beans as major carb sources. We control the quality with Canadian grown products and we like the low GI scores. Finally we went to single meat proteins in almost all our foods, perfecting the formulations found in Boréal today.

At Boréal we are trying to help you and your pets get back to basic nutrition!

嗨,我叫丹•史蒂文生。我和我的兄弟二十五年來一直待在寵物行業,看到了寵物肥胖率不斷的在增加,這事情正在煩惱者我!就像我們人類一樣,狗和貓吃了太多錯誤的食物,就如同我和我那不愛上健身房的朋友一樣,我們的寵物往往沒有足夠的運動。這不僅導致體態過重問題,更容易導致糖尿病況的增加。在過去幾年中,我們已經看到在寵物中診斷出糖尿病的比例在狗的比例增加了30%,貓的比例增加了15%。 在現今媒體當中,有很多關於飲食要回歸原始的報導,在吃更多的蔬菜和肉類的同時,更要排除高升糖食品。媒體稱這些類型的人類飲食“原始人飲食法”,有人稱這些飲食為“無麩質飲食法”。這個方法讓我們像人類的先祖一樣吃飯,對我而言,可悲的是意味著減少糖分和現代部份農業產品攝取。 在寵物食品中,我相信同樣的問題也是存在的,寵物們需要回到更原始的飲食,並去除導致高血糖和糖尿病問題的成分。科學家們在測量食物如何短時間造成血糖上升,而這些食物通常在“升糖指數”中超標。玉米是我們所有人都吃的糧食,是寵物食品的主要成分。但在寵物們嘗試進行更”原始”的飲食時,玉米跟小麥這樣的穀類就產生問題,因為玉米和小麥的產品容易引起血糖快速的攀升。我們所提供的寵物食品選擇低升糖(GI)指數的食物,我們可以減緩您的寵物消化,保持寵物的飽足感,並幫助我們的寵物遠離過胖的問題。 這就是為什麼我們必須所做的。十年前,我們生產了我們的第一款寵物食品。首先,我們的目的在於去除含有高糖分,高升糖(GI)指數的碳水化合物。這代表著沒有玉米,沒有小麥,且為了安全,我們提倡無穀飲食。因此下一階段,我們致力於使用豌豆和豆類作為主要的碳水化合物來源。我們使用加拿大農產品的品質保證食材,更使用了低升糖(GI)指數的食材。最後,我們於所有的配方中都使用了單一種的主要肉源,從而完成了Boréal今天所誕生的完整配方。 Boréal的宗旨,是我們正在努力幫助您和您的寵物恢復基本的營養!



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