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Hugh and I have spent our working lives helping dog owners have more success. Over the past 20 plus years we have been committed to nutrition and dog health issues and we are more convinced than ever that all of us must change how we feed our dogs! Time to throw out the high carb foods and focus on a smarter, healthier diet for your dog. Take a walk through our information and see if we have something to offer you and your best friend!



Using primarily Canadian ingredient sources, Boréal dog foods will allow you to control the protein and carb sources you feed and help keep weight off and your dog’s energy levels where they belong. Most of our foods use a single source protein, and we lean heavily on peas and beans to keep our foods healthy. We have added an antioxidant and a probiotic package to our blends to cover not only taste, but digestion and health concerns.

We are trying to reduce the wrong kind of carbohydrates and really focus in on low GI – glycemic index – starches. By basing our foods on low GI foods like peas, beans and single protein meat sources we think your pet will feel full longer after they eat and the diet will help keep blood sugar levels from fluctuating. Add in the right amount of exercise and we think this is a smart way to feed your pets.

We add Availa®Pet, an easily absorbed trace mineral package containing zinc, iron and manganese to all our pet foods for important health benefits.

藉由主要來自加拿大食材來源的使用,Boréal狗糧將可以讓您控制您餵食時蛋白質和碳水化合物的來源,並幫助您保持狗狗的體重且維持能量的水平。我們大多數的食物使用單一肉源蛋白質,以及大量添加豌豆和健康豆類,以達到我們健康的食物。我們更在食材中混合了抗氧化物和益生菌,不僅可以覆蓋增添味道還能增加消化功能及寵物健康。 我們正試著努力減少錯誤碳水化合物的攝取,並專注在於低GI - 升糖指數 – 澱粉的攝取指標。藉由低GI食物的基礎,如豌豆、豆類和單一肉源蛋白質,我們認為您的寵物將能在食物攝取後延長飽足感的時間,且該低GI飲食有助於保持血糖水平的波動。如再搭配上適量的運動,我們認為這是一個聰明餵養寵物的方式。 我們在Boréal所有的寵物食品中添加了Availa®Pet,是一種容易被吸收的礦物質套裝包,包含了鋅、鐵和錳,來達到保護寵物重要的健康。



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